LG GSL961PZBV American-Style Fridge Freezer Review

LG GSL961PZBV is one of the best American Style fridge freezer but it is not as costly as the signature style freezers. But if we talk about its features then you will not find it below any most expensive signature fridges.

So, you get an American fridge freezer with same features as you ever dreamt of in your dream fridge at an affordable cost. The stainless steel door is so shiny that you can even see your face in it. It looks like a full glossy mirror and you can even see the inside of the fridge by just double tapping on the door.

With LG GSL961ZBV you get huge spacious fridge with non-plumbed ice and water dispenser. The cooling is exceptional and it passed all the tests related to energy efficiency which we found better than most of the American style fridge freezers.

Let’s see its PROS and CONS now: –


  • Huge fridge space
  • InstaView Featured door
  • Good size of water reservoir
  • Stable temperature inside
  • Very low energy costs
  • Superb fit and finish


    We didn’t find any demerit in this LG model.


  • Side by side fridge and freezer
  • Fridge capacity is 405 litres
  • Instaview feature door in door
  • 10 years guarantee on compressor
  • Stainless steel finish

What is the level of noise produced by LG GSL961PZBV?

The LG fridge has always been known for its low noise, performance and energy efficiency. But with GSL961PZBV compressor, you find every bit of it most stunning and great as one of the best silent fridge freezer. If you check the energy label you would find it as 39dB but we checked it at silent night and found it as 37 dB only.

Some of the times you would find a sudden noise from the inside of the fridge freezer but it is only of the ice cubes which drops into the ice cube bin. But when bin gets full then you will not get any sound of it.

What is the cost of Electricity you have to pay for LG GSL961PZBV?

Any American style fridge freezer having 600 litres of usable space and with the disadvantages of tall compartments, the side by side fridge freezer always seems to be least energy efficient. But with LG GSL961PZBV we find it rather opposite. You can see the energy label rating as awarded in respect to capacity but it’s an exception to find an A or A+ rating for energy efficiency. But this LG GSL961PZBVhas passed our energy test with A++ rating.

It just used 5 kWh of electricity in a week’s time. So, we ran the test again for one week but before that we checked all the parameters and ensured the chamber at the right temperature and then also there was just a slight change of 5.2 kWh of energy in the second week.

So if you do the calculation for a year then you will find out that it uses less than 300kWh for the whole year.
Seeing its side by side configuration it’s the lowest per year consumption for any American fridge freezer of this category.

Our Verdict

LG GSL961PZBV provides a great performance with huge capacity and versatility. The energy efficiency is better than most of the side by side fridge freezer. According to us, it’s the best American fridge freezer that we have tested so far.

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