Wherever you are, either with your family or living alone you need to eat well and remain healthy. This beko American fridge freezer has been built with the same motto. This Beko fridge with such features provides aninspiration to all the other companies to make the fridge freezer keeping in mind the customers health and keeping fresh fruits and vegetables for days.

Now, you have got a chance to win such an American fridge freezer for your home. This chance is given by AO. Let’s have a look at the features of this Beko American fridge freezer in detail.

Beko American fridge freezer review

Beko has a lot of space inside for your bags full of fresh vegetables, fruits and groceries. The total capacity of this fridge freezer is 510 litres which is very huge for a family grocery for one month. In spite of such a room inside the fridge it does not takes much space of your kitchen as it width is only 90.8 cm.

The frost free feature makes it more valuable as you do not have to defrost it manually. It also comes with a Everfresh drawers and also has Active Blue Light Technology. This Active Blue light technology keeps fruits and vegetables fresh for longer duration of time and prevents wastage of food. The average annual electricity bill comes around $70 which is much lesser than the energy consumption of other fridge freezer of the same category.

Beko Split&Cook Built-In Electric Single Oven

Suppose it’s Christmas morning and you are busy with you drinks and you have to cook two different dishes. Imagine that you can cook both the dishes at the same time with different temperatures. This Beko Split & Cook Electric Oven makes it possible for you.

You can divide this oven into two different sections and cook both the dishes at two different temperatures. The inside liners of the Oven are made up of grease absorbing catalyst which is very easy to clean. You just have to wipe it once and it will look same as it was always.

So, now say goodbye to the traditional Ovens and get home a Beko Split & Cook Built in Electric Oven.

Beko Induction Hob Review

This Beko induction Hob is super-efficient to use. It heats the base of your pan directly and comes to the desired temperature in seconds. It means you do not have to wait for long and spend a lot of electrical energy for heating your food. The surface of the hob also cools down very quickly when you stop using it. You can even lock the touch control panel to keep your fingers safe. The surface is very smooth which is very easy to clean compared to other traditional hobs.

Wrapping it up

This is the time when child obesity is increasing day by day and hitting at a record high. According to the recent, it is found that children eating less fresh fruit, vegetables and meat. Beko has taken an initiative and even tied up with FC Barcelona to show how important it is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

The high tech products from Beko helps in creating a balanced meal stuffed with good and fresh products. I think that encouragement from the FC Barcelona sports heroes can make people aware of having fresh fruits and vegetables.

RY Crist

RY Crist

Originally hailing from Troy, Ohio, Ry Crist is a text-based adventure connoisseur, a lover of terrible movies and an enthusiastic yet mediocre cook. He has a strong appreciation for nifty, well-designed tech that saves time, looks stylish, and/or helps him avoid burning his dinner quite so often. Ry lives in Louisville, Kentucky.

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